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Army Welfare Trust housing scheme Lahore

AWT ( Army Welfare Trust Housing Society Lahore ) project built on land donated by the Punjab government and it will cover 400 acres of land.This scheme’s design and construction began in 2005 and ended in 2008. 

The development will incorporate schools, mosques, parks and other amenities such as electricity supply and water pipelines which will be installed before construction begins to ensure that residents can move into their homes without any delays or inconveniences.

Amidst the rapid urbanization and development of metropolises, Pakistan has also seen an increase in population due to migration. This has resulted in a shortage of affordable housing for people looking to move out from rural areas. Awami Workers Party (AWP) established Army welfare Trust housing scheme. It aims at providing safe and secure homes for those living below or near the poverty line as well as low-income earners who can’t afford basic necessities such as food, water, clothing etc. 

Healthcare Recreational
  Lawn or Garden

Community Features
  Community Lawn or Garden
  Community Centre
  Barbeque Area
  Community Swimming Pool(s)
  First Aid or Medical Centre

Business and Communication
  Lawn or Garden

Other Facilities
  Maintenance Staff
  Security Staff

You can Buy Or Sale Property In AWT housing Scheme

Awt Housing Scheme is a great investment opportunity for those who have always wanted to own a house in Lahore, but couldn’t afford it. Awt housing scheme is located near Johar Town and has all the amenities of life within its boundary. There are many different types of plots available from 500 square yards to 1000 square yards. All these plots are facing parkland which gives you an amazing view as well. If you want to buy one then click on the link below that will take you straight through to our website where we can help you with your purchase.

Although, there are hundreds of housing schemes in Lahore, yet one that is the best and most developed is AWT Housing Scheme. The scheme was launched about 30 years ago and has seen a huge amount of development since then.

So, If you want to buy or sell property there then you should read this article so we can help you get started with your investment.

The best and affordable Society in Lahore

The AWT housing scheme is a very good investment for those who are looking to buy property in Lahore. The A-block of this project has been launched recently so the prices are still reasonable and there are many options available. You can get your own house or rent out an apartment if you don’t want to live here yourself. If you have any more questions about this project, contact us today.

AWT Housing Scheme Laore offers a range of residential properties that are built with modern design principles to meet current market needs. This Scheme makes living easy by providing homes “in every budget” through financing options like mortgages and installment payments. If you are looking to buy property in Lahore, then Awt Housing Scheme is your choice.

Furthermore, this housing scheme is located on Raiwind road and has a lot of amenities for its residents such as shopping malls, schools and mosques. The best part about this place is that it’s accessible from all parts of the city because there are many ways you can enter or exit the area. It’s an ideal location for people who want to start their life afresh with peace and quiet around them. 

If you would like to know more about this housing scheme, feel free to contact us on 0301 044 33 33 , 031 425 425 0 today! Our team will guide you through every step of buying your house in this area.

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As a result of the recent increase in the number of people living in Lahore, there has been an increased demand for better quality homes. To address this problem, AWT Housing Scheme is offering affordable housing to those interested in purchasing a house.

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“To provide homes that are well-designed and energy efficient. Call us for more detailed information about products and services. 

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