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Keeping in mind the necessity to enhance the availability of suitable housing in Pakistan and the importance of the construction industry in stimulating economic activity in other nations, the Government of Pakistan has taken many measures to expand the number of housing units in the future years.

Since July 2020, the State Bank of Pakistan has taken many steps to promote the supply of finance for the housing and construction industry in support of this aim of the Pakistani government. The Government Markup Subsidy Scheme, also known as the Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar (MPMG) markup subsidy Scheme, was introduced by the Pakistani government in October 2020. In response to stakeholder comments, the government made changes to the MPMG plan in March 2021 that will benefit a wider range of people.

This program, which is available in both conventional and Islamic forms, allows banks to offer very cheap financing rates for the building and purchase of homes for those with low to moderate incomes.

The government of Pakistan and NAPHDA are the executing partners of the State Bank of Pakistan in this project.

Eligibility Criteria

⦁ CNIC and NICOP holders who are first-time homebuyers are eligible.
⦁ Only one person can benefit from this program’s discounted housing loans.
⦁ Candidates for Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority projects (NAPHDA) can request that NAPHDA send their profiles to banks for financing if they are eligible.

What is the Highest Price You Can Get Under This Program For a Home?

⦁ Maximum covered area: 850 square feet for units/apartments up to 125 square yards (5 Marla). PKR In the neighborhood of 3 million
⦁ With no upper limit on Tier 2 or Tier 3.

What’s the Program’s Maximum Loan Limit?

Maximum covered area: 850 square feet for units/apartments up to 125 square yards (5 Marla). PKR 2.7 billion
Up to 125 square yards (5 Marla) or 1,250 square feet (1,250 square meters) of covered area: PKR Amount: $6.0 Million
An apartment having a maximum covered space of 2,000 square feet (250 sq yds or 10 Marla): PKR 10.0Mn

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Facilities

  • Carpeted Roads
  • Underground Sewerage
  • Regular Water Supply
  • Underground Electricity
  • Full Proof Security System  
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Parks and Play Grounds
  • Jamia Mosques
  • Commercial Area
  • Community Center
  • Fiber Optic Internet