A Plot In Ravi River Front  Urban Development Project Plots For Sale: Beneficial Or Not?

The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) aims to transform the province’s urban areas into sustainable, livable, and well-managed engines of economic growth. Urban development and management are inextricably linked with long-term, comprehensive, and strategic metropolitan planning.

Rapid urbanization has altered the socioeconomic and physical characteristics of cities over time. The physical growth of cities has diverged significantly from the land uses proposed in master plans and other similar documents.

Ravi Urban Development Authority‘s ultimate project is Ravi Riverfront Urban City and RUDA char bagh. It’s a well-thought-out, modern housing venture. RUDA development work has begun on the main Ring Road near Shareefpura Interchange. Once built, this location would reflect both their traditional past and their modern way of life.

As a result, the community derives its name from the Mughal era. This project, based on the most recent trends and ideas, includes heart-warming attractions and amenities.

It’s a place to invest with confidence because it offers people modern living and a peaceful lifestyle. This development provides you with the best residential plots for sale. Booking has also begun; you can easily purchase them with a flexible payment plan.

Prime Location

RUDA has an attractive location which is described as under.

In the North, it starts 5 km downstream from Syphon to Pakhiyala Village, goes to Kala Shah Kaku Interchange, and then to M-2 Interchange.

In the west, the M-2 interchange leads to the Lahore Sheikhupura Faisalabad Road (near Javaid Nagar), which continues to the Jaranwala Road (near Langiyaan da Thaththa), and then to Sharaqpur City, where the Upper Chenab Canal empties into the Ravi River.

In the south, the Upper Chenab Canal empties into the Ravi River and connects with the Hudiara Drain at the Sukh Chayn Garden Housing Scheme on Multan Road.

In the East, From Sukh Chayn Garden Housing Scheme to the Thokar Niaz Baig M-2 Motorway interchange, the area runs along Multan Road to the Babu Sabu Toll Plaza.

Is It Interesting And Impressive!

Attractive Amenities

It is a modern housing venture that offers a fully-equipped lifestyle. It would be like living in a womb full of amenities and attractions. Some of the top amenities available at RUDA include:

These are the most recent, heart-warming amenities you’ll want to get your hands on.

What Makes This Project The Best?

Ravi RiverFront Urban City has various facilities, it’s not just a simple city but includes numerous facilities which RUDA unique and best among all. Just have a look below

City of Medicine

The Medical City will house the world’s top and most prominent hospitals, offering expertise in all medical specialties. The government hospitals and high-quality clinics will concentrate on the most recent innovations in medical planning, operations, and technology, putting Lahore at the forefront of world healthcare standards.


City of Commerce

This city will offer several commercial prospects to both domestic and international investors. The specialized commercial city can yield the most once the project is fully operating. With substantial increases projected in terms of revenue production and profit, it is poised to become the region’s most important business hotspot, complete with all top-notch facilities.


City of Innovation

The Innovation City will create a one-of-a-kind and unprecedented environment for technology and media-based firms to thrive, benefiting local, regional, and international economies. The fundamental goal of creating an innovative city is to bring together local and international media and IT sectors and foster growth in these areas. It will eventually promote technology transfer, attract technology-based enterprises, and provide job opportunities with world-class facilities.


City of Knowledge

With the partnership of national and international universities and institutions, Knowledge Metropolis will be an integrated city that fosters an environment for the growth of a knowledge-based economy. It will be home to a research park that will be used to improve the quality of research in all sectors.


The City of Government

The goal behind establishing this city is to house all of Lahore’s governmental institutes in one location. The establishment of a Governmental City will connect these institutes to a single interface where the general public would have easy access to them.


The City Of Sports

Sports City’s blend of residential and commercial offerings, shopping, and sports create a welcoming community that celebrates every success, on and off the field. RRUDP Sports City’s carefully curated combination of residential, retail, leisure, and recreational facilities elevates it above the sum of its parts.

Sports Attractions

City of Tourism and Entertainment

Tourism and Entertainment City will be Lahore’s cultural heritage, hosting multiple events, exhibitions, and conferences organized by the community. It will be a prime and highly sought-after location in the future. This cultural city will flourish the tourism industry and ecotourism by passing through historic fisherman villages and cultural activities along the riverbanks.

Utility Zone Attractions

Eco City

The city’s structure will introduce urban renewal through permeable green strips along the city’s perimeter known as an Ecological Corridor. The eco ponds, wetlands, wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks, botanical gardens, algae ponds, and commercial Green Boulevard will give visitors a genuine, natural experience. The ecological corridor will connect the waterfront promenade and the green belt, and both will end at the River Ravi.


Is It A Good Idea To Purchase Plot?

Purchasing a sale plot in RUDA is advantageous for both long-term and short-term advantages. The plot balloting will take place in a few days. Once the electronic balloting is completed successfully, these plotting files will be provided with a profit amount.

It is unquestionably a chance to make a fortune by investing wisely in a government-approved project. It’s also an opportunity for individuals in surrounding communities to improve their living conditions by investing in installments.

We at plots on installment strongly advise you to engage in this amazing business for both residential and investment purposes. Please contact us for further information about bookings and the progress of the Ravi Riverfront Urban City Development.

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