Sundar Industrial Estate! If you are planning to set up your business and are confused about selecting the best and most convenient place for you and your business.

We understand that choosing the one from bulk is very difficult. Many big and gleaming industrial estates have been developed around you, where opportunities abound for everybody. Although numerous industrial projects are being created or are in the planning stages, a handful stands out due to their distinct approach.

One among the best is Sundar Industrial Estate. Based on trends and criteria it achieves all of the desires of successful deals. People benefit greatly from its location, pleasant climate, decent intentions, and long-term services. Because of all the advantages of this estate, which meets many people’s desires for investments.

Now, let’s look at how Sundar industrial estate is perfectly suitable for you. Why you should buy a plot in here.

Continue reading to learn about the finest areas to invest in this real estate. This will provide you with detailed information on this enterprise, allowing you to make an informed decision in the process of locating the greatest and most suitable option for you.

Sundar Industrial Estate – An Introduction

Sundar Industrial Estate is one of Punjab’s most significant industrial hubs, located around 45 kilometers from Lahore on Sundar Raiwind Road. The Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company is in charge of this industrial estate.


Sundar Industrial Estate, which spans 1763 acres of land, was launched in February 2007 and represents a vision realized. It was PIE’s initial initiative, and it was intended to be an “island of facilitation” for aspiring industrialists.

The goal was to create an industrial estate where industrialists’ difficulties could be managed and problems solved through a ‘One Window’ operation.

Operational Firms In Sundar Industrial Estate

Sundar Industrial Estate is home to about 500 firms that contribute to the economy by employing between 70 and 80 thousand people. It covers more than 1800 acres of land and has over 400 factories that are fully operational and in production.

Distribution of Areas

Approximately 1262 acres are allocated to industrial plots, with the remainder dedicated to roads, infrastructure, amenities, utilities, commercial area, green belt, and so on. International standards and need assessment surveys are used to determine overall distribution and consumption.

What Sort Of Industries It Has?

Sundar Industrial Estate has different types of industries which deal in food processing, textile, pharmaceutical, garments, auto parts, steel, fabrication, paper and board, plastic molding, chemical, wood products, printing, cold storage, food and beverages, and many more.

If you are planning to set up your industry, you should consider this. Without a delay, you should book your plot.

Location Connectivity

It has a prime location that connects to Main Manga Road, Rohi Nala, 3 kilometers, in front of Gate No. 3 of Sundar Industrial Estate. It also connects to Ijitimah Chowk in 1 km.

Sundar is 7.5km away, Airport is 54km (Lahore), N-5 Highway connects in 7.5km. These connections make it an attractive and feasible place as it benefits employees and employers as well.

Numerous Facilities

Following are some major facilities provided by the Sundar Industrial Estate

Is it interesting?

SIE has sold out of all plots; nonetheless, plot allocation is a continual process, since certain plots are abandoned either willingly by the client or by Management. Vacant plots are reassigned to clients based on a waiting list kept by the Company.

So hurry up and book your plot in SIE.

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